“Homebound school” wasn’t what I thought it would be. Some days the work was really easy and everything flowed, and I was able to get a lot done. Then the next day everything was way too hard, and I didn’t have the motivation to join the meeting. I made the choice to do homebound because I heard someone that I know was going on homebound, so I thought it would be cool to be doing work with them. But when I heard that I had to be home, I didn’t know what to do since then it wasn’t what I had intended. I went with it anyway because after that paper was signed, I couldn’t return to the school until the next semester. 

I wanted to be back in the building so bad every day. It felt so weird being in school at home. But the day felt so slow sometimes because I only had 15 minutes to talk to a teacher a day. Other than that, it would only email or in Google classroom. It was going fine for a couple of weeks but then, my grades started slipping and I was losing motivation faster than I would at school.  I didn’t realize how much having daily support from all of my teachers really meant.  I was not having fun like I thought I would, and eventually, I started not logging on at all. When I would, I’d stop doing work, and eventually, the red “missing” text on every assignment was so de-motivating. 

It felt new to be back in the building. I felt like a new student and didn’t know how to handle certain situations that I wasn’t yet used to. Having felt like I was in the wrong class on the first day, I got my schedule changed and stuck to that schedule. I hardly see any of my friends from last year in any classes, but at least now I feel comfortable with my schedule and the classes I go to throughout the day. My grades weren’t great from the start because I still didn’t have the motivation to do the work from the previous semester. It’s true that habits are easily formed-both good and bad. After finding out how much of the work would be on the computer, Mrs. Benne helped me raise my grades by helping me gain motivation to do the work. Because of her, my grades are something I can be proud of, unlike the previous semester or the year before.