Doing school while being in a pandemic has been hectic. The beginning of the pandemic was one of the best times of my life, until school started and I realized that remote learning isn’t as fun or as easy as it seems. It was very difficult to stay motivated while having a ton of distractions around me. One thing I learned is that people that chose in-person learning had an advantage. The teachers were there to help them and most importantly they were in an environment where you were motivated to do school work. 

In the second semester of school I chose in-person learning just because of my experience with remote learning. Also because I know I do better in school instead of working at home. But going back to school in a pandemic was so weird. Because everyone had to wear masks and take a desk shield with them. Also when you enter the school you have to get your temperature checked. All the lockers were locked and you couldn’t use them. Also, you had to keep a laptop with you, also the teachers sanitizing the room after every class left. Going to school in a pandemic is probably something that no one should have to experience. 

Overall going to school during a pandemic is something that no one needs to experience. Sure having an option between going to school or remote learning seems like a dream, but once you experience it, it’s not what it seems or how you imagine it to be. So just use this experience as a lesson or just keep in mind that everything isn’t how you imagine it to be.