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This school year clearly hasn’t been the same as the previous ones we had. Due to the pandemic, a lot has been canceled. Last year the school year was cut short and kids around the world had a longer than usual summer vacation. Covid-19 made this school year pretty hectic. School was going to go till June 21, but the teachers volunteered to stay till 4:30 to make up some days.  Seniors are really lucky this year because they got to play sports that they loved unlike the seniors last year who got their seasons cut short. The Winnebago public school had to miss on Fridays.  When we resumed going on Fridays, students with C’s or higher could leave at 1:00 and the remaining students would stay and get help. Things looked really different. Students would have to carry around a desk shield and wear masks all day. Hand sanitizer was a must and there is more than one bell, there’s the first bell and for the underclassmen and the second bell is for the juniors and seniors but its the tardy bell for the underclassmen, then there’s the third bell which would make the juniors and seniors late. Students needed to carry all of their books because we did not use the lockers. Staff was constantly cleaning and sanitizing the school. To help, the tribe offered free vaccine shots for students, staff, and community members at the school every Wednesday. So, all in all, it was a really different school year, but at least we got through. Hopefully, things will be back to normal in August for my senior year.